​twocolors are two German guys who met in 2015 at a party in Berlin, the capital city of Germany. They decided to start off as a duo producing electronic “futuristic pop music” with Emil playing the guitar and Pierro playing the piano. Adding natural instruments and chords to covered songs to give them a whole new feeling is what marks their signature.

The two are inspired by many big artists like The Weeknd and Daft Punk. Emil and Pierro have explained that they chose their name since everything in life has two sides, a happy and sad one, which they want to represent in their music.

In their first year, they produced and released two songs called “Places” and “Follow You.” twocolors also decided to create their own label and produce everything themselves in order to understand the industry better.

Their biggest hit to date was their covered version of “Lovefool” in 2020, originally released by the Swedish band The Cardigans in 1996, which managed to reach the top of a few charts.

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