Karin Ann

With beautiful melodies and a strikingly intoxicating sound, Slovakian wunderkind Karin Ann is already making a name for herself. After experiencing the worlds of fine arts and sports, she eventually found her calling in the world of music. Influenced by musicals, TV soundtracks and bands such as Queen, she wrote her first song at the age of 14, collaborated with a UK-based producer on her first songs by the age of 15, and eventually caught the eye of renowned producer Tomi Popovič, who took her through the process of creating her upcoming EP. An avid fan of horror and fantasies such as Alice in Wonderland, Karin Ann combines her wispy, electronic harmonies with haunting visuals to highlight the stark injustices which inspire her writing. . She describes her music as “alternative trap” and touches on a wide range of subjects, such as gender equality (“babyboy”), life and love toxicity (“3AM”) and mental health (“I yearn for agony”). 
 Above all, Karin Ann hopes to bring a message with her platform and music. “I want to be regarded as more than just a singer”, she adds, “because there are so many issues that need to be spoken about and singers are always told to just sing.” The real highlight, however, will come from the stage once Karin Ann performs her EP live for her fans. “I can’t wait to perform my new music,” she says enthusiastically.

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