Jagwar Twin

Empathy, community, and creative expression collide with JAGWAR TWIN, the near-supernatural alter-ego of singer, songwriter, producer, and storyteller Roy English. The songs are captivating and confessional in equal measure. JAGWAR TWIN provokes and inspires, adapting to rapidly evolving changes in culture with the speed and agility of the enduring “big cat” of the Americas, the jaguar.

English dissolves the imaginary barriers between artist and audience. As American Songwriter observed, “Jagwar Twin’s sound is built around the individual expression of universal experience.”

English channels the iconic showmanship of Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie and Bad-era Michael Jackson.

Jagwar Twin originated with English’s self-discovery and ventures forward with encouragement to others to do the same work, to emphasize the things that unite us rather than what divides us. The hope is to enter a new era of authenticity, vulnerability, and tranquility and dance all the way there.

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